Cutag Laboratory

A premier life science company offering end to end laboratory solutions and consulting services

Environmental Sciences

We offer pollutant analysis, soil and water testing.

Plant Sciences

We offer phytochemistry analysis, plant omics & plant cytology.

Human Sciences

We offer molecular diagnostics, DNA testing & fingerprinting.

Scientific Services

We also help in research designing, experimentation, data analysis, and forensics.

Welcome to Cutag Laboratory!

We Are Revolutionizing Africa’s Development Through Scientific Research

We are a premier Kenyan life science company based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our mission is to provide reliable findings that can be used to promote development and prosperity in Africa. Founded in 2018, our mission is premised on offering quality laboratory solutions that are based on facts, proper methodologies and valid findings. To achieve our mission, we have invested in a high-tech laboratory fully fitted with modern equipment.

Executing our vision of transforming Africa through cutting edge life science is a fine team of highly skilled scientists. We employ state of the art technology and the latest methodologies to provide solutions to scientific problems facing a cross-section of our clients from farmers, government institutions, NGOs, companies to independent scientists and researchers.

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Our Services

Our Laboratory Science Solutions

Get the best laboratory services including lab space & equipment rentals

Soil testing

We provide soil analysis services to determine its composition, soil pH, nutrient content, organic matter, and contaminants.

DNA Testing & Fingerprinting

We offer DNA testing services for paternity verification, family tracing, organ transplant matching, and genetic disorder mapping.

Water Testing

We specialize in water testing services for industrial and domestic uses.

Lab Space & Equipment Rentals

We offer lab space and equipment for lease to independent scientists, researchers, and companies to perform lab activities conveniently.

Plant Tissue Culture

We conduct tissue culture to boost plant breed traits for high yields and quality produce.

Laboratory Supplies

We source, stock and supply leading trusted, affordable brands of laboratory supplies that will inspire confidence among your clients.


Receive Your Test Results In 3 Easy Steps

Sample Collection

Samples are collected and taken to our laboratory for analysis.


Detailed analyses are performed on the collected samples.

Get Test Results

Results and analysis report are then dispatched via email or courier.